maryrose3 (maryrose3) wrote,

My Greys Story Tanked

I finished it and got a grand total of one review.  Fred will add his when he finally catches up.  He doesn't watch the show but he's reviewing for me.  So, I kept two readers, only one of whom actually watches.  What a comedown!

I tried so hard to write a good an entertaing story but I guess I failed.  I lost most of my auidence.  It was suggested that was maybe because they didn't resonate as Addison and Derek.  In other words, out of character.

That did shake me up a bit.  In all my years writing fanfiction, I never got that.  In fact, I was once told I was pretty good at keeping characters in character.  But to each their own and what is OOC for one person may be IC for another.

All I know is I'm so hurt.  I've been missing the heyday of Beka fandom.  Back whern we Beka writers supported each other.  Back when we would read and review each others stories.  Back when I could log onto Ex Isle and find an updated Beka fic every night.

I thought I had found that again with Addison fandom.  But I was wrong.  So now I cry.  
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