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More Whining

So perhaps it wasn't the smartest move to update a fic on Christmas Day but I felt so bad after being locked out of the Internet by a computer virus that I wanted to give my readers an update to show I cared.  As it turns out, I needn't have bothered.  No one was anxiously awaiting an update.  No one cared.  No reviews.

Oh, I got subscibers and favotites which is nice but nothing means as much to me as reviews.  So screw them all.  Can't bother to leave a review.  Then I can't be bothered to update.

I did get a review to my latest Charlie's Angels story.  That was nice.  I will work on the next chapter of that.  Sure it's only one review but one was always my minimum requirement to update.  Sure, I would love more.  Who wouldn't?  But I got my reqirememnt fulffilled and so there it is.  I am a woman of my word.  I said one review was all I needed and so I will update.
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