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My latest chapter of my fan fic in my newest fandom has garenered no reviews.  This naturally depresses me.  It's not wrong for me to want comments.  It's not wrong for anyone to want comments.

I could ask Fred to review and he would and then my requirement of at least one review to update would be met but what is the fucking point?  People have favorited it and subscribed to it but news flash!!!!!   If no one leaves me a comment than I'm not updating.  I've left stories on fanfiction .net unfinished for years, even though they are finsihed at Ex Isle because no one bothered to review the last chapter posted.  I feel no guilt about this.  If people want to read more than they can jolly well leave a comment.  It doesn't have to be a whole story, just say if you liked it or not.

If this site were still as active as it once was this would be the cue for people to berate me in comments about how I should write for myself and writing for reviews is so fucking wrong.  It's not.  If I was writing only for me I would never post.  I'm writing because I want to hear what people have to say about my stories, good and bad. 
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