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A Shipper Complaint

So for once my complaint about fandom has less to do with me and is more of a general rant. Although, I've gotten reviews like this if I'm remembering correctly.

Anyway, with regards to shipper pairings, it seems people just can't live and let live. Well, some anyway. They feel the need to go into stories that are clearly a different pairing than their OTP and bitch about it and insult the author for daring to ship differently than they do.

I mean come on. Ge the fuck over it. You don't own any given fandom or the world and you sure as hell can't force people to ship what you ship. Just ship who you ship and leave others who ship differently than you alone.

This is not to say you can't passionately love your OTP with the fire of a thousand suns. I love Beka and Season 1 Dylan, Vincent and Catherine, House and Cameron and Addison and Derek with that kind of passion. With the exception of Vincent and Catherine, which is pretty much the only ship in the B and B fandom, since the show was all about them and their love, the pairings I love are all second place ships.

Beka and Dylan came in second to Beka and Tyr and later Beka and Rhade. House and Cameron are second place to House and Cuddy and Addison and Derek are second place to Meredith and Derek. But the first place shippers of those always seem to have to come into the second place shipper stories to tell us how wrong we are and insult us for shipping who we ship.

We are not wrong for shipping who we ship. We have reasons for shipping that are just as valid as yours. But we can ship passionately and ignore what we don't ship. Because we are mature people and not assholes. Maybe some of the first placers could learn a little something from us. What a novel idea!
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